Below are links to posts that are of interest to me and might interest you as well. I didn’t want them to be lost within the mass of notes and scrawls on the ephemeral phenomena of our society or fleeting whims of my consciousness.

Age and Health On means of living better while living longer

Agnosticism On my indecision

Animal Welfare Abuses of other species

Big Pharma Our drug addictions

Care Home Abuse On the miserable state of British social care

Considerations On interesting people with interesting ideas

“Conspiracy Theory” Defences of and thoughts on parapolitical research

England National thoughts

Enthusiasms Things I actually like

Gangs On organised crime and its subcultures

Gareth Williams On the mystery of the murdered spy

Heroes People to look up to

History Excursions into the past

Iraq Lamentations of the war and observations on the recovery

Islamic Totalism On the social ambitions of religious supremacists

Lockerbie On the mystery of who bombed Pan Am Flight 103

Poland Thoughts from my second home

Theocracy in the U.K. On the activism of Islamic supremacists in Britain

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