Unless this weblog represents your only source of news – in which case the government’s demanding that you send me money, fast! – you’ll have noticed the Egyptian and Tunisian people are as mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, who – like Kissinger – is one of the “advisors” that skulks throughout each U.S. administration, has long been forewarning a “global political awakening”. This, he states, is the result of “aroused mass political consciousness” which makes benighted people more aware of the iniquities and injustices that trouble others and themselves. It’s not something that excites him, though: rather, he believes that the phenomenon must be restrained by the “stability” of “global management“.

Well, I’m under no illusions: mass movements can hoist tyrants to power or just knock away what’s good as well as bad. A tidal wave might sweep you from your confines but drown you as it does. Still, this notion of “global management” is creepy. It lends itself to “bigger pictures” – sweeping programs for the many, from the very few – which are too broad in scope and callous in design to respect the welfare of individuals. So, Mubarak – a dictator who’s as vile to Egyptians as he’s servile to imperialists – can spend years bullying the people so long as he’ll follow orders. I don’t know if the uprisings will yield sweet or bitter fruit – I’ve no real knowledge of them but (hey!) hope they’re for the good – yet it warms my heart to see people express their will; all the more so as the plutocrats and powermongers of Davos convened to chew canapés and mull over their fate.