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After a meaningful protest was hijacked by a small minority of powerful journalists, Back Towards The Locus asks, “Is discussing the effectiveness of violence at demonstrations effective?” In other words, does it ensure our media deflects attention away from substantive questions and onto salacious, provocative but ultimately trivial sideshows? Coverage from the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and quite literally all the mainstream papers seems to show the answer’s yes. (Continued on all pages, like a gleeful, inky ejaculation…)

More. And. Also.

The U.S. healthcare system collapsed today, after the passing of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill. Doctors told Back Towards The Locus that the influx of patients affected by Congress’s decision had utterly “overwhelmed” them. Ten million Rush Limbaugh listeners were admitted to hospitals with a variety of fits and heart attacks. “We’ve got blood vessels going off all over the place,” gasped one exhausted Nurse, “It’s like a gigantic Scanners tribute“.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, thousands of Democrats were rushed to the emergency rooms, after, we’re told, the “mass swoonage” led to a series of awkward falls. Delirious patients are said to have cried hosannas even as they underwent treatment.

Those with more commonplace ailments were left out in the cold. “So what’s new?” grunted one cancer patient.

Conservatives across the media have welcomed the coming apocalypse as a “marvellous attack on the liberal-left“. “Those libtards were wetting themselves over climate change,” chortled Jamie North of The Daily Thesaurus, “When we’ll really meet our end at the hands of the Gods, wreaking their fiery vengeance on mankind“. North and his colleagues have since been condemned to eternal damnation for cheap controversialism.

Meanwhile, Guy Fawkes – who adopted his name from “someone who completely failed to bring down Parliament” – exclusively reported that some MPs had wasted time, at the expense of the taxpayer, “begging forgivess for their sins“. A thousand commenters immediately noted that “THEY’LL BE THERE FOR A WHILE THEN, LOL!!1!” while other right-wing blogs were quick to trumpet their exclusive variations on a theme.

The left-wing blogosphere soon hit back, however. As Samuel Price of the website Progress Of Some Kind was skewered on the end of a trident, he was heard to gasp, “This really shows the right up for what they are“. He contrasted their apparent “negativism” with the efforts of his fellow progressives, whose facebook group “A Million People Who Oppose The Consigning Of Humanity To The Hellfires” has garnered an impressive two thousand members.


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