• In Cambodia a peaceful protest in response to Barack Obama’s trip has been dispersed by the police. Led by the respected activist Theary Seng, the activists demanded that he apologise for the bombing of their country by Nixon and Kissinger – a brutal, secretive campaign that helped to prompt the upheaval that brought the Khmer Rouge to power. Westerners forget their war crimes but their victims rarely do.
  • City University Islamic Society have hosted a speech by Haitham al-Haddad on the question: “the ideal way to live: shariah?”. Anyone who is familiar with al-Haddad will know the question mark was unnecessary. This ISOC made headlines in 2010 when its leaders were revealed to have promoted supremacism, bigotry and hatred. How much has changed, one wonders, and how long will these and other students and officials be oblivious to the problem?
  • These enjoyable critiques of the American loudmouths John Podhoretz and Jennifer Rubin stand as evidence of the awesome vacuity and obscurantism of the neoconservative movement. They came; they killed; can’t they clear off?
  • Why not sign this petition to free a Chinese tweeter? Well – why not?
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