A BBC programme claims to have uncovered evidence that the ISI – Pakistan’s intelligence force – works with the Taliban. Right. Anyone surprised? It took me a while to figure out what a corrupt organisation it is – the ISI, that is, not Aunty B – but I doubt the world’s largest military powers can plead naivete. The US must have known they were on friendly terms with Islamic radicals for the simple reason that they were both funding them. They’ve known for years that relationships are still warm. They’ll even exploit this

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday admitted the United States held one exploratory meeting with the Haqqani network, which an official said took place before a series of massive attacks.

A US official said Pakistan’s main spy Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate had arranged for the meeting with the Islamists that took place “in the summer”, before two symbolic anti-American attacks in Afghanistan.

What I’m trying to say is that I find it hard to believe the U.S. is being played; I think they’re playing. I mean, everyone from Nafeez Ahmed to our old friend Con Coughlin have known of the ISI’s complicity with terrorism. And for years, as well. The notion that they’re sincere opponents of the spawn of the muhajideen is the most farcical since Ryan Giggs claimed to be monogamous. You really think US intelligence, with all the knowledge that an 80 billion-a-year budget can provide, haven’t cottoned on? Of course they have! For whatever reason they just choose to tolerate it.

I’ve seen the idea expressed on some anti-war sites that the US blames Pakistan for atrocities or incompetence to justify their regional interventions. Well, perhaps, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they take the rap for things that Western forces were involved in, but it seems unlikely as I’ve always thought a reason they’re fond of “secret” wars – drones, commando raids; that kind of thing – is that they’re not compelled to justify them. No one really cares.

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