I often find bits of news or information that intrigue me but aren’t worth a single post. Here’s the solution, then: mash ‘em all together!

An errant deterrant – In Brazil an orthopaedist took action against thieves by studding the fence around her home with HIV-infected needles. Alongside, she taped a notice: “HIV positive blood. Do not trespass.” Her career and mental state are said to be under review. I suppose the question that it raises is how far someone can go to defend their home. After all, people can use barbed wire – nasty stuff – so why not this? On the other hand, one has to question why, if she was sane, she used truly infected needles.

Keeping the faith – You think creationists are fundamentalists? Let me introduce you to a band of Catholics who – with pluck, if nothing else – uphold the geocentric model. Yes, in their words, “Galileo was wrong” and “the Church was right”. They’ve been quietly writing books and holding conferences – offering talks like “Scientific Experiments Showing Earth Motionless in Space” and “English Ideology, Newton & the Exploitation of Science”. These theorists, as with flat earthers, have concluded that the nature of the universe has been concealed by a sinister pagan elite. The writings of its foremost advocates lead me to suspect, however, that “pagan” is here equivalent to “Jewish”.

Sex drive – We’ve been discussing the subjective nature of sexual pleasure but even the most broad-minded of you will be startled by the proclivities of an American thief who stole a truck and crashed it through the window of an adult store purely to nab an expensive sex toy. I love the phraseology of the local news…

Police are looking for the sex-crazed loser who crashed a stolen semi-truck into an adult store early Monday morning, and swiped a very expensive XXX toy.

Someone’s going to embarrassed if they end up getting charged with handling stolen goods.

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