Andy Newman’s Socialist Unity blog is plugging this interesting demonstration…

The Al Quds Day Demonstration is a march in support of the Palestinian people and their rights, this year it will take place on Sunday 21st August from Portland Place (assemble near BBC Radio) at 2pm to Trafalgar Square. This rally is crucial in giving a voice to the destitute people of Palestine who have been under occupation for over 63 years!!!!!

Something about this paragraph aroused my suspicion. Yes, that’s right – multiple exclamation marks. Something else aroused my suspicions, though: the fact that Quds Day was established by that murderous theocrat the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Indeed, the page that Newman offers for more information bears this quote…

“The Quds Day is a universal day. It is not an exclusive day for Quds itself. It is a day for the oppressed to rise and stand up against the arrogant.” Imam Khomeini

Its “further resources” offer gems like this (under the heading Zionism – the Greatest Danger)…

The greatest evil facing the Muslim community (Ummah)and mankind today is not AIDS, Pollution, or Nuclear War. It is international Zionism. It is the Zionist greed for wealth, lust for perverted sex, greed for power, domination, and economic exploitation that is causing AIDS, POLLUTION as well as threatening NUCLEAR WAR.

Goodness, is there anything they won’t blame on Zionist greed? Peak Oil? The common cold? The Simpsons season 22?

Newman offers this selection of supporters…

Aloha Palestine

Friends of Al Aqsa

Friends of Lebanon

Innovative Minds

Islamic Centre of England

Islamic Forum of Europe

Islamic Students Association

Jews Against Zionism

Lebanese Community UK

London BDS

Muslim Association of Britain

Muslim Council Britain

Neturei Karta UK

Palestine Legal Aid Fund

Palestine Return Centre

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Stop the War Coalition


It’s especially pathetic to see Jews and leftists here – among paranoiacs who hate their semitic guts and Khomeinists who applaud a man who massacred their comrades. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch had nothing on them.

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