The fact that thousand upon thousand of Norwegian voters have decided that they’re actually big fans of the government says nothing for the concept of the rational voter. Not because I have the right to judge that government or its opponents – I know little of them – but because their support was inspired by the recent tragedy. Well, again, that’s their business, but what’s the thought process? That Breivik’s actions cast a dim light on cultural conservatism? By that logic socialism was discredited by the Red Brigades, and a lone Jihadist is enough to degrade Islam. Another explanation might be that they were endeared to the Prime Minister by his reaction to the tragedy. And, indeed, it was admirable. Still, Churchill was darned inspiring throughout World War 2 and that doesn’t mean he would have made a good domestic politician. I’ve always admired the Brits for voting as they did in 1945, in fact. Because uniting to express your common joy or anguish is a splendid thing to do, but after shouts have faded and tears dried life proceeds regardless.

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