Various nuggets worth promoting or preserving -

Good News, Everyone – The Scottish Public Petitions Committee has referred the Lockerbie petition to the Justice Committee, where, happily, Lockerbie-sceptic Christine Graeme is the chair. If all goes well they’ll discuss the possibility of an inquiry into the verdict. Buried in this tangled institutional web, I’d like to think, is the hope that this question will be resolved.

Haute Cuisine – The new issue of Lobster(pdf) has been released, and contains terrific articles on the financial crisis, Kathryn Olmsted on “conspiracy theories”, paedophile scares and plenty more besides.

Taking the Mickey – An Egyptian businessman and Coptic Christian has caused outrage among Islamic clerics by tweeting a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in a beard and veil respectively. The Beeb offers this quote, which perfectly encapsulates the mindset of people who think they have a right to be protected from offence…

There’s a fine line between expressing your opinion/freedom of speech and being flat out disrespectful…

No. No there isn’t. There is no line between them. The latter is merely an example of the former. This is the kind of point that should be loudly, firmly clarified.

A boy who cries, “Labrador!” – Mehdi Hasan believes it’s “time to lay the sharia bogeyman to rest”. I wish we could but then it’d just rise back up again. A poll of British Muslims suggested that 40% would like Sharia law established in Islamic areas of the U.K.. Let’s say that’s around 500,000 to a million people. When the BNP returned similar numbers of votes I don’t remember being told that it was time lay the fascist bogeyman to rest.

That’s Entertainment – This brilliant segment, which has had fans asking whether it was real or staged all day, is pro wrestling at its finest. I must sketch out its appeal some day.

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