Staying with the Iraq war (and the accompanying bullshit) Robin Shepherd, a Director at the Henry Jackson Society, proffers his view of the invasion…

…the US-led coalition removed one of the world’s most brutal dictatorships in nothing flat. If Iraqis couldn’t build a secure democracy without years of bloodshed, that was their fault. They were given the chance and they blew it.

This reminds me of the time I saved a woman from her wife-beater of a husband. I kicked that bastard out the door and still the ungrateful bint was going on about how I’d “trodden on her baby”. Well, there’s always going to be collateral damage! Oh, and then she whined about how I’d smashed the windows and let thieves sneak in and rob the place. Well, I didn’t invite them. The thankless slag even complained about how I was taking snacks from her fridge. What an ingrate! Honestly, if she couldn’t build a secure household it’s her fault.

Is this the level of “interventionist” thought? Does Shepherd really lack the brains to see it’s hard to fashion a “secure democracy” from the smoking, corpe-studded rubble of a state, let alone the soul to recognise the U.S. and U.K.’s responsibility? I don’t know. But his fondness for screwing with other people’s nations doesn’t seem to be premised on concern for those people. He’s downright contemptuous.

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