There’s a well-worn fictional scenario. Several enlightened people have a vexing conundrum – a murderer is on the loose, perhaps, or they’ve lost a golf ball. They’ll charge about like decapitated fowl before another person – usually male, often posh and with a vaguely endearing lack of gaum – blithely wanders past to solve the case or find the ball then amble off again, unaware of this achievement. That’s not too unlike the Telegraph neoconservative Charles Moore stumbling on a truth of our politics…

So the problem with “privilege” today is not that the dear dimwits of old are getting jobs because of who Daddy was. It is rather that the international elites of the entire modern world are genuinely very able – which is not, of course, the same as saying they are good or right. Given the nature of modern politics, which is much more to do with dealing with lawyers and bureaucrats, attending international conferences and clever media handling than it is with representing one’s electors in Parliament, these elites are probably producing the right sort of people. Whether we really want to be governed in such a way is another matter.

Thanks for offering me a choice, Mr Moore. These bastards won’t, of course.

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