More interesting and perhaps extraordinary things. It occurs to me that if there’s anything you’d like to see explored on this ‘umble blog I’d be delighted to know. (Not as I’d see it as a public service for the unenlightened souls awaiting my proclamations but as kicking things about on here helps me to learn.)

  • Forget the nature/nurture nonsense for a moment. Meghan Rosen tells us how impoverishment can “wrap its fingers around the raw potential” of a child and forever cripple its ability to bloom.
  • Here’s a chance to test telepathy by signing up to Rupert Sheldrake‘s latest project! It’ll try and see if people can prerecognise a caller and if it reveals anything – anything - I’ll put £50 on someone using the headline “Phoneomenal!” On the subject of the paranormal, a Fortean Times reviewer notes a recent book by academics who can sympathise with some “kooky” theorists.
  • A new book claims that hordes of U.S. students don’t learn much in college. Oh, and just to rub it in, their loans are big fat frauds.
  • Robin Hanson gives reasons to doubt a “scientific consensus”. Most of his examples, I will say, could just be crap reporting of divided issues. Still, this alone should give one cause to make damn sure that there is a consensus on whatever issue’s under one’s consideration, as well as interrogating factors like the decentralisation of understanding or elements that might have clouded scientific integrity. And, of course, it’s not enough to make something a full-blown fact.
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