SBS‘s Fouad Hady has travelled to Iraq, where he shows us children wrought with cancer and deformities. Recent findings, bolstered by a swathe of anecdotal evidence, has suggested that these cases are becoming more profuse; notably in Fallujah since the American assault. Doctors and researchers have linked this to chemical weapons – theories Alistair Hay, a toxicologist, has saidcr[y] out for [more] investigation“. Some experts – as well as the U.S.’s own damn military – have suspected DU arms of poisoning long after use. U.S. propagandists sneer that they’re “conspiracy theorists“. I’m no expert on, well, anything – and especially not on science. Yet ignoring people’s fears, never mind the bodies that now mount in the invasion’s wake, is gut-punchingly atrocious.

Hady asks the Mother of a young, disabled girl if she’d like to conceive more children…

I’d love to, but I’m scared because I had a boy right after [the daughter] and he died straight away…He was deformed…I’d love to but I’m scared.

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