Peter Oborne writes, in today’s Daily Mail…

Almost without exception, Cameron’s senior team are passionate Atlanticists who seem committed to the policy of ‘reinforcement of failure’ in Afghanistan.

Both the Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague and Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox are ‘Neo-cons’. As are Cameron’s two most trusted Shadow Cabinet colleagues, Michael Gove and George Osborne.

In partial defence of Cameron, David Blackburn links to this clip of Osborne claiming that “Michael Gove and I stay silent on foreign policy“. Silent, maybe, but not inactive: all of the quartet Oborne mentions, as well as the Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling, are members of the Atlantic Bridge, where, presumably, they’ve consorted with the hardline hawks it elevates and will join in its celebration of bloodsoaked ‘statesmen‘. With their record of mindless cheerleading and corporate sycophancy, it’s clear that the atlanticist element within Cameron’s government will be both large and vocal. How influential it’ll be remains to be seen.

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